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Suggestions For Successful Bathroom Renovations.

There is a good reason why bath room renovations on home renovation remodelling shows often deliver the most wow factor – a fantastic bath room remodel can change a damp, dated bathroom into something amazing and practical. That said, the remodelling involves a good deal of trades and knowledge that its also on the list of the most difficult renovations of all. Bathrooms renos can have a lot of hidden costs.

Issues can easily emerge once the tradies are on site. For example termites can be revealed from a leaking shower pipe, or your house may not be in compliance with current plumbing codes and may need to be repaired, so having a twenty % allowance in your renovation budget is recommended.

Discover the the do’s and don’t’s of getting your bathroom reconstruction done right

1. It highly recommended that you hire a builder, not a plumber, to manage your bathroom remodelling project. Plumbers only run the pipework and install the fixtures. Hire a builder who can manage your bath room renovation project from demolition to completion and arrange the correct sequence of tradies. Tying to manage your bathroom reno project yourself, if you dont have little to no experience, can be stressful, overwhelming and potentially very costly if you make mistakes an experienced builder wouldve avoided.

2. Don’t… even think about Do It Yourself. Waterproofing your bath room for example should be done by licensed contractor. People see waterproofing tools at their hardware store and try to do the waterproofing themselves, but find out that the costs of repairing a leak later on can be very expensive. Ditto for DIY plumbing, doing it can voids your home insurance – there are significant fines, and it could result in disaster if an appliance hasnt been installed properly.

3. Do… purchase products that comply with Australian standards. In other words,end your infatuation with the imported Italian shower head that plays Vivaldi while you’re beneath it. All of the products installed in a bathroom should be covered by an Australian Standards WaterMark. If it does not, the plumber isn’t legally allowed to install it. Buying from specialist bathroom stores and choosing reputable manufacturers will mean less headaches down the track if you need a replacement part.

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4. Don’t… ignore outdated pipes. Your eyes may glaze over if your plumber tells you to upgrade your plumbing, but its crucial to do it – especially if you have water pipes inside the floors and walls (that was used in houses from the 1960s). Youll notice the water pressure is significantly reduced because of sediment formed inside the water lines. It is recommend updating all piping along with the connections with copper or perhaps reliable plastic water pipes.

5. Do… avoid over capitalising. Its very easy to go overboard, especially if you purchase expensive taps, bathroom tiles and that heated toilet seat that you have dreamed of since your trip to Asia. Keep in mind if you intend to sell your home in the future, ask yourself, will I make back this money? Because what you are doing is making a decision for a new owner which may be suit your style but not necessarily the new owners which might reflected in the price you get when you decide to sell your home.

6. Don’t… move plumbing pipes when you can avoid it. Keeping the same layout for your bathroom means your plumber wont need to touch the drainage pipes and that’s very good news for your budget, but be aware that water pipes may have to be replaced to suit new fixtures – like a mixer to replace taps, or a wall-hung sink thats replacing a floor mounted sink.

7. Do… consider the positives and negatives of recessed cisterns. Whats not to like about a toilet that hangs from the wall, gives your bathroom a sophisticated look and saves room? Well, the cost is a tad bit more, and you do need the space for the void behind it. Let your builder and plumber know that youre if you are planning to install an in-duct cistern, as it must be installed before the bathroom walls being sheeted and tiled. The buttons will then be installed after the tiling is completed.

8. Don’t… forget to nominate the heights for items like benches and showers. If you dont, the builder or plumber may follow standard heights and it can be costly having to redo things. Its very important to discuss these issues before starting your project , because you may end up with your tradie saying, Well, because you didn’t raise it with me and its not in the contract so if I have to modify it, it’s your cost.

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